Price : $13.99
Brand : STADEA

STADEA 4″ Rubber backer Pad / Rubber backing pad with Velcro backing pad Arbor 5/8″ 11

Velcro backing pad 4″ diameter with flexible rubber velcro backup pad used for many purposes like stone polishing etc. Professional grade rubber backing pad with maximum RPM 4200. It comes with hook and loop backing pads made of velcro.

STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools, and wide range of tools accessories. STADEA wet dry polishing pads, diamond hand polishing pads, diamond hole saw core drill bits, cup wheels, diamond profile wheels, router bits, tuck point blades, diamond saw blades etc are durable, aggressive and used in many natural stone fabrication shops, artificial stone manufacturing shops worldwide.
STADEA is a registered trademark for ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.


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