Price : $120.99
Brand : RotoZip

RotoZip SS560VSC-50 120-Volt RotoSaw+ Variable Speed Spiral Saw Kit

RotoZips powerful RotoSaw is designed to tackle the toughest applications. It is compatible with all RotoZip Connect attachments, expanding the versatility beyond a traditional Spiral Saw. The soft grip housings and up-front on/off switch provide comfort and control. Features: Integrated Dust Management Port reduces airborne debris for a cleaner work area Serviceable Motor Brushes help extend tool life Weight: 3.7 lbs. One-Year Warranty Compatible Accessories: ZipBits, XBits, XCores, ZipWheels, XWheels, ZipDiscs Compatible Attachments: ZipMate, Direct Drive, Dust Management Kit, Circle Cutter Guide Includes: •RotoSaw+ Spiral+ Tool, ZipMate 4 Right Angle Attachment, XShield 4 Cutting Guard, Support Handle, Wood XWheel, Metal ZipWheel, Tile ZipWheel, Drywall Guidepoint ZipBit, Multipurpose ZipBit, 1/8″, 5/32″, 1/4″ Collets and Carrying Case.


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