Brand : topseller2013888

Oscillating MultiTool Saw Blade Variety Pack For Use On Fein Bosch

1.oscillating tool blades are made of high carbon steel (HCS)

2.The high carbon steel (HCS) standard blades is Ideal for flush cuts and cut-outs in hard, non-ferrous metals and materials such as hardwoods, plywood and particle board also can also tackle materials such as plastics, fiberglass and Plexiglas

4.the system is compatible with FEIN MultiMaster, Dremel Multi-Max, Bosch Max Multi-X, Craftsman&other,.

5.Include Standard Flush Cut Blade width : 1-3/8-Inch,oscillating tools and 1-3/4-Inch Blade, Great for Wood plywood drywall, cement board, fiberglass , plastic, soft metals

6.Finer tooth pattern provides more control and longer blade life


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