Brand : JoolTool

JoolTool Deluxe Kit

Kit includes Jooltool system, 12 Ninja SEE-THRU backpads, 9 Ninja cushion pads: 3M Bumpon, 3M Diamond: 74, 45, 30, 20 Mic, 3M Purple: 80,120,220 grit, 3M Trizact: 35, 20, 10, 5 micron, Ninja SEE-THRU felt disc, Jooltool polishing compound, 3M 3″ bristle brush: 1 micron, instructional DVD. This kit is the complete solution for grinding, high precision honing, sharpening and polishing. Sharpen carbide and grind exotic metals with 3M diamond abrasives. Excellent for any metal or wood applications. The included Cushion pads allow higher accuracy and longer abrasive life. The brush permits polishing of crevices and contoured areas on any metal.


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