Price : $37.14
Brand : Imperial Blades

IMPERIAL BLADES 3MMT340 1-3/4-Inch Bi-Metal STORM Titanium Universal Oscillating Blades, 3-Pack

Imperial Blades 3MMT340 – 1 3/4 Inch Bi-Metal STORM Titanium Universal Oscillating Blades. This three pack of Titanium coated Bi-Metal blades in our line of premium blades is designed for wood, metal and PVC. Our highest quality Titanium coated high speed steel blade is specifically designed for various applications. Popular uses for this blade: Cutting through nail-laden wood, deck screws, sheet metal, etc. 18 TPI (Teeth per inch). Blade dimensions: 1 3/4 inch wide x 2 1/8 inch plunge depth. 3 Pack


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