Price : $218.41
Brand : Hardin

Hardin HWV5GRIN Variable Speed Polisher 5 Inch Concrete and Stone Wet Polishing Kit with Diamond Pads

This is our new industrial variable speed wet polisher / grinder. This professional unit is equipped with a 950-Watt 8.29-Amp variable speed motor and features a variable speed dial for optimal control. You can operate from 2,000-4,000-RPM. Optimal polishing results are achieved at 2500-RPM. After pouring a concrete counter top you’ll most likely want to polish it to bring out it’s appeal and natural beauty. This Hardin VSP polishing kit with CONCRETE polishing pads is the ideal combination for this application. When used with the lower-Grit (50) polishing pads the Hardin VSP polisher is perfect for exposing salt and pepper aggregate, knocking down and leveling, and smoothing out the concrete counter top surface. Then by working your way through the consecutive-Grits it allows you to take your concrete creation to that desired level of gloss. The pads in this kit are not granite or marble pads being sold as CONCRETE pads. These polishing pads are professional grade 5-Inch diameter X 3MM thick CONCRETE diamond polishing pads manufactured with a harder bond resin that releases the diamonds at the proper rate for softer more abrasive materials. When used in conjunction with the Hardin VSP polisher our polishing pads will give you a far superior shine than standard granite pads being sold on the market today. This unit is equipped with a 5-Feet 1/4-Inch water line that is positioned under the polisher. The end comes with a brass 5/8-Inch coupling to thread onto a common garden water hose. The standardized 5/8-Inch-11 UNC spindle thread makes it compatible with most attachments on the market. Built-in GFCI (circuit breaker) protects the operator. Also included with this unit is a bail handle (D handle), side handle, spindle wrench, and extra carbon brushes


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