Price : $220.13
Brand : Flex

Flex PLW923S 4-Inch Air Stone Sander/Polisher

The Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher accepts 3-inch, 4-inch, or 5-inch discs, so you can complete everything from detail work to large-scale projects. Variable speeds of up to 3,600 rpm allow you to choose the right speed for the job and ensure you will not leave swirls in your workpiece. With a central feed that evenly distributes water, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher will produce a smooth and uniform finish. Quick-action, brass couplings work with 1/2-inch connectors for water hoses.

Providing heavy-duty power in a lightweight package, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher weighs only 2.8 pounds, but it’s tough enough to handle continuous polishing of stone, concrete, marble, and granite. The compact design allows for access to tight spaces and for easy maneuverability without fatigue. For further convenience, the sander’s stable handle and durable plastic housing are insulated with powder coating to protect against cold temperatures. The air supply and exhaust are conveniently combined in one slender wrap hose that blows exhaust to the back, away from you and your workspace. For further safety, overload protection and temperature sensors prevent overheating, even when the Flex Air Stone/Polisher is tackling a large workload. Shipping is to the continental USA only.


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