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Diamond Hand Polishing Pads STADEA for Stone Concrete Granite Marble – Set of 7 Pcs

Diamond hand polishing pads are used for polishing, grinding, restoring/cleaning areas hard to reach by polishing tools like wet grinder polisher. A useful and handy diamond tool to polish corners, contoured surface like sink, join of two bullnose for Concrete polishing, Marble polishing, glass polishing, Stone polishing, Granite polishing and their restoration. These diamond tools may be used for floor polishing, counter top polishing, stone sculpture polishing etc. It could be cost saver for small polishing project. Hand polishing is time consuming over polishing using grinders. STADEA Standard A (STD A) Diamond hand polishing pads set includes 7 polishing pads from grit 50 to 3000.

How to Polish Marble Concrete Glass by hand:
1) Wear glasses, gloves, apron
2) Secure stone firmly
3) Spray film of water, and start polish with grit 50 in clock wise motion. Squeeze water and look at 30-45 degree angle on the surface. Verify the entire polished surface has same level of smoothness before moving to next grit. If not, continue polishing with same grit. Generally above grit 400 surface is scratch free
4) Repeat step 3, for each higher grit one by one starting grit 50 till 3000. Don’t skip any grit in between. Most of the stone will show shine starting grit 800. If one still sees scratches beyond grit 800 and 1500, it is a sign that step 3 is not followed correctly in lower grits

STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools, and wide range of tools accessories. STADEA wet dry polishing pads, diamond hand polishing pads, diamond hole saw core drill bits, cup wheels, diamond profile wheels, router bits, tuck point blades, diamond saw blades etc are durable, aggressive and used in many natural stone fabrication shops, artificial stone manufacturing shops worldwide.
STADEA trademark is owned by ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.


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