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DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw and Sheet Sander Combo Kit

DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw and Sheet Sander Combo Kit

The DEWALT DW317SA combo kit features the DW317 corded orbital jig saw and the D26441 1/4 sheet palm grip sander. These two tools are designed for precision and accuracy with innovative features that allow for easy control in a variety of projects around the house. This kit would make a great addition to any woodworker or DIYer’s tool collection.

What’s in the Box

  • (1) DW317 compact jig saw
  • (1) D26441 sheet sander
  • (1) Dust bag with vacuum adapter
  • (1) Sandpaper punch

D26441 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander

The 1/4 sheet palm grip sander features a 2.4-amp motor that sands at 14,000 opm, providing a superior finish. It has a textured anti-slip top and body grip that provides ultimate comfort and control during use. The dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingestion for longer switch life, and the sealed 100% ball-bearing construction provides longer life. This sander offers a dual plane, counter-balanced low-vibration design to reduce user fatigue. A high capacity dust bag with built-in vacuum adapter provides maximum dust collection with or without a vacuum. The kit comes with a dust bag as well as a sandpaper punch.

DW317 Compact Jig Saw

The compact jig saw features a 5.5-amp motor that delivers powerful cuts in the hardest materials. The jig saw provides users with an easy-to-control saw ideal for detailed work and curved cuts that require real precision. Make fast, accurate work of tough jobs with variable-speed control, a shoe that bevels, and the saw’s four-position orbital action. The jig saw’s variable-speed control allows the user to make quick, accurate adjustments and utilize speeds ranging from 0 to 3,100 strokes per minute. The saw delivers a 1-inch stroke length and its dependable 5.5-amp motor provides the power needed for tough applications. For quick blade changes, this jig saw has a keyless blade clamp which allows for changes without touching blade or reciprocating shaft.

This easy-to-maneuver jig saw weighs just 6.2 pounds, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on dependability or comfort. An all-metal gear case provides the durability necessary in a professional shop environment, while a comfortable grip allows the user to work longer and produce work with precision. All of these features work together to provide better control over the tool and work pieces.


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