Price : $128.22
Brand : Dragway Tools

25 Gallon Portable Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet w/ Silicone Sealed Inside

This Bench Top Sandblaster Sandblast Cabinet is Ideal for any Business, Garage or House. Strip Paint and Rust from Auto Parts in the Comfort of your Shop. Simply connect to a 4-12 CFM Air Compressor and add Blasting Media such as Black Beauty (medium grit) and begin sandblasting all different sized and shaped items. Works great to etch glass.

  • 23”x20”x19” Over All Size
  • 19”x16” Viewable Area
  • 23”x19”x12” Inside Dimensions
  • Tight Seal around Viewing Glass
  • 16” Florescent Light with Switch
  • Removable Plastic Films Protect glass from etching.
  • Removeable Air Filter
  • Extra Large Rubber Gloves with Grip to easily hold parts
  • Silicone Sealed Cabinet creates an AirTight Seal
  • Spray Gun with 4 Ceramic Nozzles
  • Mostly Assembled

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